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I like this Content Formats idea. It gives creative agencies something to do (ideas for content formats), while still allowing brands to do what they should be doing (giving people access to / producing THEIR OWN content).

Much nicer than makings ads - where the content is kind of hollow because it's born in the agency.

We made an explanatory video for a start-up recently, using the medium of stop-frame animation with cakes! (Here: www.wygu.com). I'd love to turn it into a Content Format and use CakeMotion(TM) to tell lots of stories for WYGU about peoples' inspirational careers, for instance.


It may add accessibility but it's worse than the lecture that I attended.

I think it just proves that brevity is king for online content.


Hi John, I know what you mean. But I have to say that for me it made it a lot easier to sit through 10 mins of video.

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